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Manual and automated roll handling systems. Solving is one of the leading manufacturers of customised systems for handling heavy loads, such as reels and cores. Based on over 40 years experience we provide solutions both on air bearings and wheels.

In the paper industry Solving Roll Movers are used for manual movement of smaller paper rolls, whilst automated systems using Solving AGV Movers are designed for continous handling of paper rolls, cores and plywood. For printing houses we offer an air film-based handling concept facilitating the supply of paper rolls into printing machines.


Avoid damage to paper sheets and rolls

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Solving AGVs provide efficient, flexible and safe production in the paper industry. Automated handling of cores, sheet pallets and paper rolls is safe for personnel and products. Montotonous work and unergonomic working conditions can be avoided by installing these AGVs:

  • AGVs for automated handling of paper cores
  • AGVs for automated handling of sheet pallets
  • AGVs for automated handling of horizontal paper rolls
  • AGVs for automated handling of vertical paper rolls
Solving paper core AGV 3 2

How can cores be picked up ergonomically from the floor or any other desired height?

Solving core handling AGVs are equipped with built-in gripping devices and the cores can then be picked up either from the end or the long side. Adjustable in height the devices provide easy access to paper cores at any desired height, which is important from an ergonomic perspective. With automated core handling both personal injuries and damage to the products can be avoided, and thus the cores can be reused in production. Monotonous and unergonomic work can also be avoided.

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AGV handling paper sheet stacks

How can slipping of sheet stacks, and thus paper damages, be avoided?

Solving AGVs for sheet pallets are fitted with a self-adjusting upper load support that holds the sheet stacks in place and thus prevents them from slipping during braking or cornering. Automated handling of sheet pallets reduces the risk of damage to the product.

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How can paper rolls with varying diameters be picked up from the floor or any other desired height without damaging them?

The AGVs for horizontal paper roll handling use infinitely variable forks and a built-in device for picking up the rolls directly off the floor, or from any other desired height. Automated handling reduces the risk of damage to the rolls.

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Automated paper roll handling 5

How can vertical paper rolls be stacked on top of each other without damaging them?

For the vertical transport of paper rolls Solving AGVs are equipped with a gripping device including a lift function to lift the paper roll from and to any desired height, and to stack paper rolls on top of each other. The gripping device also reduces handling damage to a minimum.

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