Air Bearing Modules

Solving Air Bearing Modules are designed to handle a variety of heavy loads and items of machinery. Generally four air bearing modules are used to move large and heavy loads, but to ensure maximum stability, at least three air bearing modules (preferably four) are required. They should be placed under the load, as far apart from each as possible, and in such way as to divide the weight of the load evenly between them.

The modules are then connected to the control unit and the compressed air supply. Pressure regulators within the control unit are used to increase the air pressure in each module until the load is raised off the floor. A thin film of air is then formed under each module virtually eliminating friction and allowing a heavy load to be moved and positioned with ease and accuracy.

Air Bearing Modules (also known as air skates or air skids) are the perfect solution for rigging and moving complex and extreme loads such as machines.


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Air bearing modules - Moving systems for heavy loads » Solving

Air bearing modules - Moving systems for heavy loads » Solving