Air Film Movers

Solving air film Movers are designed for handling very heavy loads, i.e. up to a thousand tonnes or more and are generally customised to suit customer’s requirements. The load is placed either directly on the Mover or on a load pallet, under which the air film Mover drives when collecting the load.

In most cases the Mover is controlled by a remote control unit, and thus only a single operator is required to move and supervise the transport of bulky loads. Solving air film Movers are typically used by customers in the transformer, motor, paper and nuclear industries.

Air Film Movers are used for transporting heavy and bulky loads such as diesel engines, transformers, locomotives and fuselages. Custom-built platforms floating the loads on air is a flexible method of transporting heavy material within industrial facilities.


  • Omnidirectional driving and precise positioning
  • Easy manoeuvrability
  • No floor wear
  • No rails or guides in the floor
  • Very quiet and smooth operation
  • Provides a clean and safe working environment