Wheeled Movers

Solving’s customised wheeled Movers are especially suited for heavy load handling. The self-levelling axles ensure that the wheels are always evenly loaded and in contact with the floor at all times. 

Radio controlled trolley for heavy loads

Wheeled Movers are used for indoor- and outdoor transports of heavy loads in production facilities and on offshore plants.

The range of Solving wheeled Movers includes ride-on and pedestrian-controlled, remote-controlled and automatically guided vehicles, and special vehicles for hazardous environments including EX for offshore and chemical applications. Special interface equipment can be incorporated as required.


We recommend that wheeled Movers are used when

  • long distances are to be travelled
  • there are variations in floor quality
  • clean room conditions exist


We provide a variety of handling systems, both standard and customised solutions, suited for all kinds of material handling in offshore environment.
Offshore trolleys are specifically designed to meet the requirements set by the offshore industry. These heavy duty trolleys are either pneumatic or battery powered. 

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The pneumatic trolleys are approved for EX environments according to ATEX in zones I and II and mainly used for exchanging large and heavy components during maintenance. Safe use in EX environments is ensured by the fully pneumatic trolleys, and a rubber guard around the trolley prevents the arising of sparks. The standard trolley is designed for loads weighing between 1 and 10 tons; trolleys with capacities up to 20 tons are available on request. 

The battery powered trolleys are certified for ATEX in zone II for category 3G, IIBT3. This trolley is equipped with electrical motors powering both the propulsion and the steering of the trolley. It is available as standard with a capacity up to 12 tons.

The surface of both types of trolleys is either lacquered according to NORSOK standard or hot dip galvanized and the load surface is covered with hardwood. Fitted with a parking brake and an adjustable speed control for driving forwards/backwards the trolley and load can be safely operated. The self-levelling axles ensure that the load is always evenly divided and the four wheels remain in contact with the floor at all times. To handle particularly heavy loads the trolley can be equipped with a remote control. 

Solving is a qualified supplier in Achilles JQS - a Joint Qualification System for suppliers to the oil industry in Norway and Denmark, and registered on the FPAL database for the European oil & gas industry.

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