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300T Handling system for diesel engines


The diesel engine manufacturer aims to increase the assembly and testing capacity considerably. The objective for the investment was therefore to find a flexible solution for the transportation of diesel engines. 


Within the scope of the project, Wärtsilä installed two new parallel five-station production lines. The Movers handle diesel engines along the two lines and into a test cell located in a separate building. The diesel engines are lifted by crane onto one of several steel pallets; the Mover then drives under the pallet, lifts the load, and moves it along the line at a rate of one station every two days. The transportation between the stations is assisted by tape guidance.


Wärtsilä prioritized safety and convenience and chose a floor-bound solution. The air film-based transport system did not require any heavily fixed installations in the construction. Furthermore, air film transportation provides a flexible way of transporting diesel engines. In addition, the use of air bearings in production is economically profitable and provides a good clean working environment.