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65T Automatic tambour handling


The Solving Mover is designed for 24-hour automatic operation. It is manoeuvred along a groove in the floor and carries out its transport tasks automatically from orders given by the operators via push buttons. A NiCd battery technology is used as the energy source and the battery is charged automatically at waiting stations between the transport tasks.


The AGV is equipped with safety devices, which consist of a ”laser radar” activating creep speed and an emergency stop if unexpected obstacles are detected, and warning lights to indicate automatic mode. The AGV doesn’t need any rails in the floor, but a good quality surface is required.

Technical data

The Solving Mover has enabled Stora Enso not only to achieve low floor loadings, but also savings in construction costs and time, because only a single groove had to be installed in the floor to guide the load. The AGV ensures a safe and driverless transport link between various stages of production, which has also resulted in improved ambience of the factory environment.