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60T Floating valve station


Aker Solutions in Malaysia invested in a Solving Mover on air bearings to handle 47-ton XMT valve stations between the assembly and test areas. The valve stations are placed on load pallets under which the Mover drives on ‘no-load’ wheels. The air bearings are then activated and the load is lifted up and moved to the required destination.


Due to the low friction between the air bearing elements and the floor, the traction force required is minimal. A radio remote-control unit enables the operator to supervise the move from a safe position. A movable brush guard around the Mover also reduces the risk of injuries and prevents harmful debris from entering the air bearing area, which might damage the air bearings.


The investment in a Solving Mover on air bearings ensures safe and flexible handling of the valve stations between the assembly and test areas. The Solving Mover is low-profile, small, and light compared with its relatively high load capacity, and no cranes or other external lift devices are required to transport the valve stations around the production area.