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18T Handling of fuselage


The Solving handling system consists of two connectable movers, each equipped with sixteen air bearings and a pneumatic drive unit. The system is manoeuvred electronically with a servo-motor and sensors. Each mover is fitted with a lifting table and fixtures for collecting the fuselages weighing up to 18 tons.


Air film transport system for transverse movement of fuselages between the fuselage and wing assembly areas. The movers are driven separately to the fuselage assembly area. When arriving, each mover stops at the correct position in front of the fuselage. The fuselage is driven to the wing assembly area for unloading and then driven back to the parking position in tandem. The communication between the movers is wireless and they are manoeuvred from a portable radio control unit to be driven manually or instructed to follow a tape on the floor.


To avoid damage to the fuselage accurate measuring devices synchronize the two lift tables. The air bearings are divided into two groups and each group can be switched on separately to accommodate possible unevenness in the floor.