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50T Rock crusher on air bearings


An assembly line of five Solving Movers was installed to move rock crushers along the assembly line. The Solving Mover consists of a low-profile frame with automatically regulated air bearings and integral drive units. The Mover has a large load capacity and a possibility of omnidirectional driving.


The assembly line consists of five stations. The crusher is lifted onto the Mover and remains there throughout the assembly process. At the end of the line, crushers are driven off the Mover, using their own tracks and the empty Mover is floated to the beginning of the line. The Solving Mover is equipped with a radio remote control unit, which allows the operator to freely walk around the load during movement.


The new handling equipment required only minor changes because the Movers were dimensioned to suit the size of the crushers. In addition, the Movers suited all models of crushers in the assembly line. Solving Moves are almost silent, easy to control, provide safe material handling, and a clean and pleasant production environment.