400T Handling system for diesel engines


To be able to use the same beams to support the diesel engines during assembly, test and finishing prior to delivery. To be able to move engines between the assembly hall and test cells without having to use cranes or external transport vehicles. 


A modular system consisting of support beams on air bearings for engine assembly and testing, and external removable drive units, which are connected to the beams during transportation. Radio-controlled drive units providing total maneuverability and maximum safety when transporting heavy loads in narrow gangways. Automatic regulation of air bearings minimizing air consumption for varying loads and weight distribution.


Support beams with built-in air bearings requiring an area no larger than the diesel engine and allowing optimal use of the floor surface and layout in the assembly hall. For testing of the diesel engine the beams can be positioned very precisely on air bearings and attached to the floor of the test cell, once the air bearings have been switched off.