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30T Metro-trains on air bearings and wheels

Solving Mover 1

The first Solving Mover consists of two parts and drives in under racks placed below the front and rear parts of the car. The Mover is manoeuvred from a radio control unit and between the stations it follows a painted line in the floor. When the cars are to be moved over the maintenance pit, the air film-based Mover transfers from air bearings onto wheels and rolls over the pit. The Mover is equipped with pneumatically raised adjustable rail wheels to enable the transfer between floor and rails.

Solving Mover 2

For handling components, two air film-based Solving Movers with integral lifting tables are used. The larger one, with a three-tonne capacity, is equipped with drive wheels while the smaller one, with a one-ton capacity, is manually controlled. Using the lifting tables, the components can be lifted and attached to the cars, after preassembly.


The optical guidance method ensures accurate transportation and positioning of the cars at the different assembly stations.