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230T Transformer handling


The equipment consists of two 230- ton radio-controlled Movers together with an 80-ton auxiliary beam. These can be used individually for smaller transformers or combined as a 540-ton system, controlled from a single radio-control console.


Transformers are assembled on steel pallets which allow the Movers to pass underneath in preparation for a move. An on-board battery system and electric drives are used to control the movement of the unloaded system and each Mover contains an integral hose reel for connection when a heavy lift is to take place. Once the air bearings have been activated the transformer can be driven in any direction, rotated, and turned as required.


Areva has found that the flexibility provided by the Solving system provides them with maximum efficiency in the test department and enables all assembly processes to take place in the production areas. Solving Movers are custom-designed for any size and weight of load, and a variety of options is available such as wire or laser guidance combined with varying degrees of automation.