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1,6T Automated pallet handling


The AGV Pallet Mover moves jumbo rolls of coated abrasives on load pallets in production and between production and the storage area. The AGV lifting devices are sized to suit EUR- and FIN-pallets and especially large centre of gravity distance. The Mover is fitted with NiCd batteries and automatic battery charging ensuring 24-hour operation.


The battery-powered AGV is charged automatically to allow for driverless continuous industrial operation, and thus both investment costs and overtime work can be limited. All service positions are easily accessible and the latest computer technology advises operators of maintenance requirements.


Mirka’s facilities have been expanded in several stages and moving load pallets automatically between different halls would have been very difficult to realise efficiently with any other technology than AGVs. The jumbo rolls are transported safely and with care. In the future it will be very easy to make layout changes, because there are no fixed installations.