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160T Automated steel slab handling

Solving AGV Movers

To improve the flow of slabs to the cutting machines in SSAB’s rolling mill, two Solving AGV Movers have been installed. Slabs are transported from the storage area to the cutting machines, cut into shorter lengths, and then rolled into thin plates ranging from 80 mm down to 3 mm. The AGVs are capable of carrying loads up to 150 tons at a speed of 20 metres per minute, which is an appropriate and safe speed for this installation.


The AGVs are supplied with compressed air from a hose that runs in a guide rail in the floor. The drive unit and onboard control system are supplied via an electric cable, running in the same guide rail. The AGVs are activated using radio control and the wheels follow the guide rail until the destination is reached. They can also be controlled manually if required.


Using a combination of the old roller conveyor system and the two new Solving AGV Movers, the material flow requirements of the cutting machine are now accommodated. The AGVs are cost-effective and the need for maintenance is low, particularly compared to the roller conveyor. The AGVs also provide the operators with a safe working environment.