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Solving’s high-lift AGVs provide a more efficient use of the frozen goods storage at Snellman – a local high-level cooperation!

AGV Food industry

When Snellman decided to invest in a new frozen goods storage in Jakobstad, Finland, they were pleased to find a top-quality partner, Solving, nearby. The cooperation with Snellman is important for Solving not only for the business it brings but also because Snellman is prepared to be contacted as a reference for potential customers visiting Solving.

High-quality food producer Snellman, located near Solving in Jakobstad, Finland, has recently automated their frozen goods storage for meat products with a high-lift Solving AGV (automated guided vehicle), whilst another AGV will handle the flow of goods to and from the storage area.

A new frozen goods storage has been commissioned

In pace with the development of Snellman’s business, an expansion of the factory became necessary, leading to the new frozen food storage area being established.

“Automation of the high bay storage was in our minds from the beginning”, says Erik Björkskog (picture), head of the freeze process at Snellman. “It requires transportation from point A to B in a -20 degree cold storage, and automated handling was the smoothest alternative; it also proved to be a competitive solution. Our personnel can now be utilized for other tasks instead.”

The high-lift AGV operating in the 10m high storage area transports frozen products placed on standard EUR or FIN pallets, the maximum weight being 1000 kg. The storage racks are placed very close to each other, and the aisles are very narrow, meaning that the storage space can be fully utilized.  As the AGV drives only forwards and backwards between the racks and therefore requires no manoeuvring space, the storage space is further enhanced. Once the AGV approaches the correct position between the racks, the AGV forks project sideways and the pallets can be handled to or from the shelves.

“Other advantages of an AGV with sideway movable forks are its stability and precision during handling”, says Leif Löfholm, Project Sales Manager at Solving. “Stability is achieved because the center of gravity of the load is close to the center of the AGV while it is driving. Precision is achieved because the AGV doesn’t have to turn during load handling.”


The AGV navigates between the storage racks in the cold high bay storage facility using magnetic spots in the floor, which ensures high precision when the 4700 shelf positions are to be approached. Laser navigation with reflectors mounted in the building is used when driving outside the storage racks, which makes it easy to modify the drive route within the area covered by the reflectors, when necessary.

Inspired by the animated Disney-movie” Frozen”, Snellman named their high-lift AGV in the frozen goods storage area “Elsa”.

“The commissioning of the AGV has been very successful and the AGV really lives up to our expectations”, says Erik Björkskog. “There were some minor adjustments to be done in the beginning, but these are things you can expect and are easily eliminated.”

Another type of AGV, supplying the frozen goods storage with meat products, will be installed in the near future to make the process even more efficient.

Oy Snellman Ab
The family-owned company has produced high-quality meat products and charcuterie for 70 years and they put great emphasis on manufacturing and developing products that are more natural with a better taste than before, using as few additives as possible. The factory in Pietarsaari employs roughly 800 people.
Ab Solving Oy
Solving has specialized in the design and manufacture of heavy load handling systems, Solving Movers, since the foundation of the company more than 40 years ago. Solving Movers can today be found in more than 20 industries in over 60 countries.

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