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50T Equipment for reel handling


An air film mover for handling paper reels from the paper room to the repair shop. The reel is loaded by a crane directly onto the mover and the air film mover can be manoeuvred all the way to the paper machine. The mover is equipped with a radio control unit, enabling a single operator to supervise all movement with ease and safety.


One of the main advantages of air film technology is its ability to move loads in all directions with ease, safety and precision. In this case a solution for moving reels in a restricted place was necessary and an air film mover, with radio control, meets all these criteria.


Use of the air film mover means a smooth passage all the way to the paper machine, which would have been difficult with a railed system. The mover is flexible, since it can also be used for handling tambour rolls in a limited floor space. In this case the mover loading areas are replaced with separate load pallets.