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4T Paper reel handling


The objective of the investment was to improve the handling of the 4000kg reels. The AGVs collect the reels from the paper plant, transport them to the storage facility, and then on to the processing machinery when requested. Here the reels are converted into kitchen or toilet rolls, industrial towels, and other products for retail or wholesale customers. In addition, the AGVs are designed to handle core racks when necessary.


The AGVs are equipped with inductive guidance based on digital technology, radio communication, and laser-based safety devices. Fitted with batteries and automated battery charging at selected home positions the AGVs contribute to automated handling 24 hours a day. The system guidance is based on Windows XP and provides the operator with a graphic display panel. A computer network connects the guidance of the AGVs to the production control system.


Solving’s flexible timetable enabling a smooth transition during ongoing production. In addition, the new AGV system is more user-friendly for analyzing and fault-finding functions. Both the system guidance and the AGVs are equipped with user interfaces providing users and service personnel with the necessary feedback.