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100T Transformer handling


The equipment consists of a Solving air film Mover designed to lift and move steel pallets (on which the transformers remain during the production process) from one station to another. The air film Mover consists of a rigid steel construction incorporating both air bearings, wheels, drive units, a control system, and a hose reel for the air supply. One single operator manoeuvres the system from a portable radio transmitter.


The Solving air film Mover incorporating all the necessary technology is designed to lift and accurately move steel pallets from one station to another. Electrical drive units and integrated batteries improve the flexibility of the Mover, and allow it to be operated without load free of any trailing cables or air hoses; these are connected only when a loaded steel pallet is to be moved.


Nowadays air film-based moving equipment is used by most of the world’s transformer manufacturers. Air film technology is considered ideal for handling transformers weighing several hundred tons quickly and smoothly through production and test facilities. In order to meet the demand, Solving provides a wide range of transformer handling equipment for the industry today.