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A Solving Air Film Mover is chosen for the smooth production of 60-ton concrete elements

Air film movers Workshop

Starka AB, Sweden, is a manufacturer of prefabricated concrete wall elements for factories, offices, public and private buildings. Windows, doors and electric components etc. are cast into these elements at various assembly stations.

Starka has ordered an Air Film Mover from Solving to transport the elements between these assembly stations in the production hall and then take completed elements to the dispatch area.  Up to 60 tons of concrete elements can be loaded onto pallets which are then entered and picked up by the Solving Mover.

An important consideration when choosing the handling equipment was the possibility to pass through narrow areas in the factory, and an Air Film Mover capable of driving in all horizontal directions was therefore chosen for maximum manoeuvrability.

(The picture shows another Solving Air Film Mover.)

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