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Types of automated guided vehicles

Read about types of automated guided vehicles in this AGV dictionary article.

One type is the Tow Vehicles, also known as tuggers. These AGVs are equipped to tow loads behind them, often used for pulling multiple carts or trailers in a train-like fashion. They are particularly effective in applications requiring the transport of heavy loads over long distances within a facility, such as parts refill and waste removal.

Unit Load Carriers represent another category, designed to transport individual pallets, containers, or other loads. These AGVs typically have a flatbed, forks, or a conveyor to directly carry the load. They are commonly utilized in distribution centers and warehouses for moving products between storage areas and production lines.

Pallet Trucks are AGVs specialized in the handling of palletized goods. With built-in forks, they can lift and transport pallets without the need for additional equipment. This type can be used in production facilities, loading docks and staging areas to facilitate the transportation and the loading and unloading of goods.

Forklift AGVs are used to automate repetitive tasks done by a manual forklift and driver. By automating these tasks the personnel resources can be used for other more complicated tasks.

Automated Guided Carts (AGCs) are designed for both smaller and larger loads. They often use floor bound navigation.

In conclusion, the variety of AGV types reflects the diverse needs of modern industry for material handling solutions. From tow vehicles to unit load carriers, each AGV type offers unique advantages tailored to specific operational requirements. Understanding the distinct features and applications of each AGV type is crucial for organizations seeking to enhance their material handling processes through automation.

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