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Tugger AGV

Learn about tugger AGVs in this AGV dictionary article.

Like other AGVs, Tugger AGVs navigate using built in navigation systems.

The benefits of Tugger AGVs versus other types of AGVs

Due to the nature of the Tugger AGV, the load that it handles can be both heavy and bulky as long as the load can be placed on a cart or trailer. This fact makes Tugger AGVs very adaptable to the ever changing circumstances in a warehouse. A Forklift AGV preferably handles loads of a more standardized format.

The main drawbacks of Tugger AGVs is the non existent lifting capacity. As the AGV only tows, there has to be som other part of the system that loads the carts.

A towing type of AGV will also not be as flexible when it comes to route planning and making use of limited space available.

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