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Solving introduces their mini AGV with the latest navigation system at LogiMAT

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At LogiMAT 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany, SOLVING presents their mini AGV equipped with the latest navigation system – natural navigation.

With natural navigation, belonging to Kollmorgen’s NDC8 product family of AGV controls, all boundaries for controlling AGV driving paths are removed. Installation time is minimal, reducing costs and minimising the effect on operations. It is also easy to expand the system and create new AGV paths.

The compact SOLVING AGV is designed for loads up to 150 kg, applicable for light industrial purposes such as assembly lines in the electronics or pharmaceutical industries, hospitals etc.

SOLVING specialises in creating customer specific load handling solutions for industry. SOLVING products range from very heavy load handling Movers utilising SOLVING air bearing technology, mid-range automatic and remote controlled Movers, and small light weight customer-specific solutions for demanding processes.

Typical SOLVING customers include Airbus, Caterpillar, Rolls Royce, Bombardier, Daimler, Hydro Aluminium, Owens Corning, ABB, Siemens and Alstom.

At LogiMAT, from 14-16 March 2017, you will find SOLVING on stand 6G80, hall 6.

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