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Automated guided vehicle system

Learn about automated guided vehicle systems in this AGV dictionary article

An Automated Guided Vehicle System, AGV-system, consists of certain key parts that ensure driverless movement and operation of AGVs in production facilities and warehouses. The key parts are Customer Host, AGV System Controller, AGV Fleet, WLAN AP and I/O-units.

A Customer Host gives orders to the AGV system; the Customer Host can be an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), a MRP (Material Resource Planning) or a WMS (Warehouse Management System) system.

An AGV System Controller (System Manager), communicates with the Customer Host and Automated Guided Vehicles as well as with external sources, such as doors and fire alarms.

An AGV Fleet consists of AGV units that carry out the job tasks. A WLAN AP is used for sending messages from the System Manager to the AGV units. I/O-units and Remote I/O are used for communication with external sources, such as doors that must be opened.

Altogether these main parts enable the Automated Guided Vehicles to communicate and carry out job tasks in a safe and efficient way.

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