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AGV battery

Read about AGV batteries in this AGV dictionary article.

Batteries are the AGV’s primary power source that stores electrical energy to ensure that the AGV can work properly without human intervention. They provide energy for the AGVs. Since AGVs often work around the clock, batteries need to provide sufficient energy and be recharged to make sure they can carry out given tasks 24/7. AGVs often navigate automatically to charging stations whenever the battery level is low.
The performance of an AGV depends largely on the efficiency and capacity of the batteries. Larger battery capacities contribute to longer operating times.
Batteries need to be well-maintained to prolong their lifespan.
Lithium batteries in AGVs use Battery Management Systems (BMS) to monitor the batteries and make sure they are used efficiently, preventing overcharging, deep discharges, and similar that could affect the lifespan of the batteries negatively.

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