Air film mover animation

Through this simple animation we try to show the world how our air film movers can be utilized in transporting heavy loads in industrial environments.

Vehicle assembly line

A short video that demonstrates the flexibility of air floated movers in a vehicle assembly line and how heavy chassis can easily be hand-manoeuvred into any direction.

Automated guided vehicles

A presentation of how automated guided vehicles operates in different environments and the advantages that they can bring to your material handling requirements. 

Transformer handling

A video on how transformers weighing up to 250 tons can easily and safely be moved in narrow workshop facilities thanks to radio-controlled air bearing movers.

Company presentation

A glimse of who we are, how we create our products from the earliest stages of planning through assembly and testing, to final customer delivery.

MLS Air bearing systems

Solving modular air bearing systems are designed to transport heavy loads of various types, such as items of machinery. 

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