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Upgrade your AGV system and extend its working life

Being both robust and reliable, Solving automated guided vehicles (AGVs) have a long working life – usually decades. Because they are mostly customised to suit your specific requirements and specifications, you naturally want to keep them in operation as long as possible. We explain here how this can be achieved.

Upgrading the control system

For both economic and environmental reasons we recommend upgrading the control systems to the latest version instead of investing in completely new AGVs, when upgrading is the most cost effective alternative. Upgrading the control system means that its function can be optimised and the availability of spare parts can be secured. The durability of the existing AGVs can then be extended by up to ten years.

Extension or replacement of the navigation system

The most common navigation systems today use laser and magnetic spot technology. If the navigation environment allows for it, contour navigation is also a conceivable alternative, whilst a combination of navigation systems can sometimes be the most appropriate solution.

Due to new demands, new products or production lines, additional flexibility or increased productivity requirements, the existing navigation system may no longer accommodate the forthcoming requirements. Under such circumstances we can enlarge the existing navigation system, perhaps by introducing another navigation method or fully replacing the old system.

During the upgrading process production can continue almost as normal, though sometimes with lower capacity because one AGV at a time will be taken out of use.

If you have an ageing AGV system from Solving, or even another manufacturer, and you’re considering either the purchase of a new one or upgrading the existing one, contact us to discuss the most cost-effective solution for your company.

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