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Baltic Yachts moves motor yacht on air bearings

DSC 6864 R4
The Ostrobothnian boat building yard Baltic Yachts (Finland) received a contract to modernise an 85 ft motor yacht. To move the yacht into the production hall and out again after the refit Baltic engaged Solving and their air bearing rigging service. Air film technology, using low-profile modules (also called air skates), was the only safe way to move the yacht because the clearance between the top of the yacht and the door opening was only a few centimetres.

The outdoor surface had to be flat to make it possible to move the yacht in and out of the hall and finally position it ready for further transportation. A temporary ramp of sand was built to eliminate the level difference between the factory floor and the outdoor surface. Wood veneer sheets were then placed on the sand bed and covered with sheet steel before the yacht was moved.

The clearances between the door opening both on the sides and above the yacht were very small and this placed a significant responsibility on the rigging service team to avoid any damage to the 50-tonne yacht.

– We prepared everything carefully in advance to avoid any surprises on site, and we therefore managed to accomplish the task completely as planned, say Niklas Storing and Anders Asplund representing the Solving rigging service team.

Ten air bearings were placed under the frame on which the yacht was standing to achieve an even load distribution. Compressed air was connected to the Solving equipment and the yacht was then floated out of the hall on a thin film of air with only a couple of centimetres’ margin to the upper door opening.

– We considered air film technology to be the best alternative due to the space limitation, says project leader Björn Svenfelt at Baltic Yachts, and he also emphasizes that previous cooperation was important when choosing Solving. The yacht was moved out quickly, safely and securely thanks to the advance preparations by the professionally-skilled Solving team, Svenfelt concluded.

Read more about the motor yacht here:

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