2,1T Automated handling of air conditioning equpiment


AGV operating on both air bearings and wheels for moving air conditioners between assembly, testing and packing. The AGV has a capacity of 2,1 tonnes and is equipped with forks to move the different units. The AGV has a steerable drive wheel and guide wheels in both forks and it can drive forward, backward, in curves or rotate around its own centre. This provides the customer with a flexible handling system between the assembly stations and in the narrow aisles in the production hall.


The AGV is activated by pushing a button. The empty Mover drives on wheels and when it is about to lift the unit, it transfers to air bearings. The air bearings lift the Mover off the floor and at the same time the assembly station is lifted. The unit is then transported to an unoccupied place at the next assembly station. To find a empty position the Mover communicates via a radio link.


The AGV system is advanced, easy to use and very flexible. The units are transported safely and with care. In the future it will be very easy to make layout changes, because there are no fixed installations.