SOLVING part of NASA’s “Humans to Mars” –project

Solving is honored to be part of this unique project: NASA’s gigantic new weld tool tasked with assembling the core stage fuel tanks for NASA’s mammoth new heavy lift rocket—the Space Launch System (SLS)—that will one day boost “Humans to Mars.”

The first pieces of rocket hardware have been loaded onto the weld tool, read more in this link: http://www.americaspace.com/?p=69435

Solving has designed an Air Film Mover to be integrated in the manufacturing of fuel tank structures for NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS).

The Air Film Mover is used for moving, positioning and rotating the fuel tanks in a welding station, where extreme precision is required. Laser scanners facing horizontally and upwards, multiple cameras and monitors integrated in the Mover make sure that the 9,5 m high tanks are being moved safely without collision.

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