Paper damage means costly losses for mills

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Thousands of paper rolls and palletized sheets are handled every day between cutting machines, storage and dispatch areas in paper mills.

Damage to just one roll or package of palletized sheets means a significant economic loss for the mill, not to mention what the cost would be on an annual basis if such damage was a regular occurrence.

Identify the situations where damages may occur and improve handling efficiency of sheets and rolls.

We have collected the most common reasons for damage to paper sheets and rolls in a document, free for download.

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solving damage in paper mills

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Solving automated guided vehicles

We design AGVs to suit our customers' specific requirements and thus small AGVs with capacities of only a few hundred kilograms and heavy-duty AGVs with capacities up to a hundred tonnes or more, are equally part of our product range.

Our AGVs are customised, fully-automated, driverless vehicles for continuous 24/7 operation in factories and warehouses, programmable and adaptable for future expansion.

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