15T Assembly line for forest machines


One objective for the investment in an air film based system was to make production more flexible. Ponsse wanted to make the various phases of assembly less dependent on time and space. They wanted to have the facility to change the routines if necessary.


The air bearings do not require any fixed installations such as rails. The plant can be enlarged and the production layout can be changed as desired. An assembly line on rails or wheels wouldn’t have been flexible enough.


The forest machines can be moved from one assembly station to another in only a few minutes. There are altogether 7 assembly stations along a 70-metre-long assembly line, and the necessary components are available close to each station resulting in considerable timesaving. In addition Ponsse achieved a clean working environment thanks to air film technology.

Technical data

SPT 15L-E  
Capacity 15 tonnes
Length 1 100 mm
Width 1 200 mm
Height  160 / 420 mm


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