15T Unique truck assembly method



Volvo has installed inlet and outlet conveyors, turntables and dollies in two new parallel assembly lines. The two production lines are each producing a chassis every fifteen minutes or about 33 chassis a day.


The axles are preassembled on AGVs and then placed on dollies that are collected by a truck. The dollies are loaded onto an inlet conveyor in the same sequence as they are to be positioned under the truck. The operator drives 2-5 preassembled axles from the conveyor to the turntable and rotates them through 180°. The assembled chassis is then moved along the outlet conveyor and at the end of the line it is collected by a truck and moved for further handling through other assembly lines.


The assembly method provides a production line, which is half the length and faster than a conventional line, because a turntable at the end of the line gives it a ’U’-shape. Being ’U’-shaped this type of assembly line requires only half as much space as a linear production line, and can be easily installed within existing factory layouts.

Technical data

Capacity 15 tonnes
Diameter 12 000 mm
Height 140 mm
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